Daycare center and meeting place

La Ribambelle in Nyon

The Association Garde d’Enfants (AGE) is pleased to welcome you to La Ribambelle in Nyon, a day care center and meeting place.

La Ribambelle is a place of about 170 m2 offering various activities.

A place dedicated to children

In addition to the various games, toys, craft materials and accessories suitable for children of all ages , we have a surface with motor skills furniture, a space for rolling objects, a slide, a puzzle corner and a dinette. Sofas and a place for reading are offered, as well as tables for drawing and painting or making modeling clay.

To the delight of the little ones, we occasionally offer our bouncy castles at meeting places and/or daycare centres.

Every half day our volunteers offer a structured activity to your children to stimulate their development.

We also rent our hall and bouncy castles to celebrate your children’s birthday.